The engine is a marinised 4 cylinder 3.97 litre Mercedes OM 364 , a naturally aspirated freshwater cooled HGV engine installed as a rebuild (new pistons/valves etc) by the previous owner in 2005. At the time of purchase this had 500 hours of use since rebuild and we added a further 250.


We changed the air/oil/fuel filters and impeller at the time of purchase along with a change of engine/gearbox oil. Since then the engine oil and filter have been changed at 100 hour intervals, and the fuel filters at 200.

The starter motor and alternator were replaced (with new) in 2015.

Apart from an oil pressure sensor fault (replaced 2016) the engine has operated without fault.

The central location of the engine allows for excellent access from three sides (side panel not removed in the below photos, but can be done in 5 minutes).

Fuel capacity is divided between an 80L keel tank and a 125L tank beneath the saloon seats.

Drive is by a 3 bladed prop.